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The amazing RX-20 Rotary Jet Extractor has revolutionized the way carpets are cleaned. With 5 spray jets matched with 5 vacuum slots, the RX-20 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracting soil and cleaning solution. The rotating head cleans all sides of the carpet fiber, fluffing up and restoring the pile. The RX-20 cleans more carpets and cleans them better!

Firefighter Carpet Care uses the Prochem truck mounted unit that is considered by many experts to be the finest in the industry. The truck-mounted hot water steam cleaning deep cleans and sanitizes and can be applied to any carpet and tile with complete safety. In ADDITION to the truck mounted steam cleaning, we use the patented Hydromaster RX20 power wand. Its multiple extraction heads rotate at over 650 cleaning passes per minute, providing the number of cleaning passes in a few minutes that would take a manual wand hours removing abrasive soil as it sanitizes your home eliminating dirt, dust, bacteria and most odors and will even revitalize matted carpet.

Included in our price is: Free Carpet Pretreatment, Deodorizer, Brightener, Spot Treatment and Pet Odor Removal

Upholstery Cleaning

To get a thorough cleaning of your upholstery there must be sufficient heat, suction, proper solutions and proper cleaning heads. We use professional truck mounted equipment with steam extraction for the best possible cleaning. But before we ever start cleaning, we make sure your upholstery is safe to clean. Some fabrics are not designed to be cleaned through hot water extraction methods, so first we make sure we are not going to cause any damage to your furniture.

Scotchgard® Protector

Scotchgard® Protector, combined with proper care and cleaning, will make a big difference in retaining your carpet and upholstery’s beauty over many years of regular use. Scotchgard brand protector is the first name in protection from dirt, spots and stains and helps keep carpeting, rugs, and upholstery cleaner, brighter, fresher … longer. We can apply Scotchgard protector to virtually any type of carpet, rug, and upholstery fabric in your home to provide greater protection from damaging dirt, dust, and grime. Scotchgard helps protect from water-based stains. After Scotchgard is applied, spilled liquids will bead up on the surface rather than soak in so they can be easily blotted up, and since dirt particles will not cling, vacuuming is easier and more efficient.

For an additional fee, we will apply Scotchgard protector right after cleaning to help maintain that bright, freshly cleaned look to your carpets and upholstery. However, please allow for longer drying times

Area Rug Cleaning

Due to a wide variety in construction materials and styles of area rugs, we will provide an analysis and prepare a no-obligation quote for cleaning. We will quote you a price, but upon arrival and inspection, services may be denied due to the probability of damage.

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